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The future of automation: Building a new workforce model [Guide]

May 18, 2021 Casey Nighbor

The future is here. Automation is starting to take real hold in the manufacturing and warehouse industries. And all signs point that it’s here to stay.

The total value of logistics service robots hit $1.9 billion last year and is only projected to grow. A big reason for a surge is that operations continue to struggle with getting enough people in the building.

And although this market is highly promising, there are still adaptations to be made in the workforce.

As with anything new, there are both benefits and challenges of automation for your business.

With so many things to consider, we put together a guide to help you work through the many aspects of automating your operation.

This guide will cover the current state of automations, the benefits and limitations as well as how a cost-per-unit model can help streamline the process.

Want more information about implementing automation? Download our free checklist. 

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About Casey: Content marketing manager, frequently reading, aspiring chef, failed plant mom, connoisseur of tater tots, beauty products and airplane food.

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