Celebrating Veterans Day at SIMOS

November 11, 2020 Brad Perkins

Leah Clement brings her military service to work every day in various ways.

“I carry the camaraderie, pride and traditions of every Marine in history,” she says. “We have a tradition of excellence and a never-say-die attitude in all things and that leads to me to persevere and find answers rather than just stating the problems.”

Leah served three years in the Marines as a Lance Corporal, Diesel Mechanic. After leaving the Marines, she joined a staffing firm, which eventually led her to SIMOS in 2018 as a director of business development. She knows that you can’t get discouraged by potential clients saying no.

“Sales is all about the rebound,” she says. “You get a thousand “no’s” to find a single yes. I am not one to get discouraged by that. I just plug away and make more calls. Also, a lesser known trait is that Marines ask for help or direction where it is needed. I don’t have any problem raising my hand if I need help.”

She and her Marine husband have three children and live in the Atlanta metro area, where she also brings her Marine values to leading her church in worship, participating in a foster care program for children and on the board of the Georgia Women Marines Association and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).

“The Marines teach common leadership traits to all Marines. It is up to us to employ these traits, and I feel strongly that the traits I learned in my time in service have served me well.  Every Marine knows JJDIDTIEBUCKLE. Being a veteran means a shared experience with all who served. Being a Marine means having the confidence to defeat any challenge.”

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