3 insights from our recruiting trends survey for retail

March 9, 2021 Casey Nighbor

This has been a trying time for retail businesses and a big part of that is recruiting and hiring the right people. Retail saw a major shift as consumers flooded the eCommerce market instead of shopping in person.   

As the world changes around us, it’s easy to wonder what the future holds. The next 10 years will most likely hold a variety of changes for retail operations as we recover and adjust from the pandemic.

We conducted a survey about what challenges employers currently face and what they think the next decade holds for recruiting and hiring. Here are the top 3 major takeaways for retail.

1. 3 in 5 employers plan to increase the total number of employees at their organization this year

With retail and eCommerce up 30% from last year, it shouldn’t be a surprise that operations are planning to ramp up their employee numbers. However, many employers are having issues recruiting and this may be a tough order to fill. To do this, it’s likely employers will need to rely more heavily on contingent workers.

2. 42% of respondents experienced an increase attendance issues

With an uptick in attendance issues, it’s clear that employers need to do more to keep their employees happy and motivated not just to do their best work, but to show up to work. This is especially critical in the retail industry where deadlines are tight and profit margins are thin.

3. 94% of respondents believe COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on the workforce

We have yet to see what the long-term effects of the pandemic will be, but there seems to be no doubt that it will be something. The retail sector may see another round of changes as things return to normal. Many employers reported their predictions on what those may be in our full report.

Want more recruiting and hiring insights? Download the full guide to trends of the next decade. 

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