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Post-Peak Report: Lessons from a tough season

February 3, 2021 Casey Nighbor

It should come as no surprise that 2020 peak season was different from any other. And for many in the manufacturing, production, fulfillment and retail sectors, “unprecedented” doesn’t even cut it.

Because of COVID-19, businesses found themselves pivoting frequently to meet high demands while keeping their workers safe. Many were dealing with higher attendance issues and safely recruiting and training their staff.  Add on top of that, one of the biggest online shopping seasons ever on record— with a reported 30 percent increase in eCommerce sales. 

Difficult may be too simple of a word for how peak season went for many businesses this year. It may turn out to be one of the toughest peak seasons ever for many.

We wanted to check-in with employers post-peak to find out what challenges they experienced this peak season and how the lessons learned from the 2020 peak season will shape future peaks.

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About Casey: Content marketing manager, frequently reading, aspiring chef, failed plant mom, connoisseur of tater tots, beauty products and airplane food.

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